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15th-Jun-2008 11:32 pm
Im gonna whine.

My feet are bleeding. My thighs and my back are aching like I spent the entire day at the gym, and I can't quite understand why. My reflux is worse than it's been in a very long time, and Im suffering through the worst heatburn I can ever rememebr having. Well no... heartburn might be the wrong term. Its intense heartburn and esophagusburn and, like, STOMACHburn. And I'm completely exhausted but I can't go to sleep until the reflux calms down cuz it's not safe for my vocal folds.

*snorts* Like I even fucking use them anymore.

Work... is complicated. Oh, I got a new job, Flist people - half of you don't know this. But yeah, got a job at Victoria's Secret. And... I hate going to work. So much. Leaving for my shift is the hardest thing in the world to do. The moment I walk through the door, however... I dunno, it's easy to forget everything except for the task at hand, and I love doing what I do. And then I get home and I realize it's nearly 7 and... I realize exactly what that means, and I hate it. Our semi-annual sale starts on Tuesday (IF YOU NEED NEW BRAS OR PANTIES OR MAKEUP OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT, OR YOU JUST WANT SOME AWESOME THINGS FOR SUPER CHEAP, SERIOUSLY, THE SALE IS AMAZING) so I get to stay after work for an extra three hours after we close tomorrow, stocking the store and getting it ready for Tuesday. And then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I work uhm... a bajillion or so hours. I don't even know WHY but I started crying tonight after dinner. And I know that this is just going to get so much worse as the week goes on - there's still so much about my job that I don't know (even though I already know more about bras than most women will ever forget, lol) and we're going to be so freakishly busy starting on Tuesday that it's going to be really sink or swim.

Aaaand I'm done. Re-reading this, I'm sorry I sound so... bitter and depressed. I'm not, not really, but things have just been hard lately. But... I dunno, the hard things are the most worth-while, in the end. And hell, you all know I'm a fighter - I'm gonna kick ass at this. :)

My heartburn is calming down, so I'm going to attempt to go to sleep.

(Pssst... in case you read this... iloveyou.)
18th-Jun-2008 01:07 pm (UTC)
hey... I am here for you honey. If you need to call me and chat and vent and bitch. call me. I have a new cell. Don't worry. It WILL get better! I promise!
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