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The survey 
12th-Jan-2009 08:29 pm
Very free
Yeah. We knew it would happen. It happens every year.

The 2008 survey { For Real}
General Information { About you }
Your First Name ::Barbara
Your Middle Name ::Jean
Your A.K.A Name ::...Sophie?
Your B.K.A Name {If you have 1} ::Okay wtf is this.
Your Last Name ::Not on my LiveJournal, please.
Your D.O.B ::18/05/1988
Hometown ::Meh. I currently have a permanent residence in Chesapeake, VA
Your School ::George Mason University
Grade ::...Junior
Y2G { Year 2 graduate } ::Thats a stupid fucking way to put it, btw. 2011
Mascot ::Patriot
Any siblings ::Yep
How many ::4
Are your parents still 2getha ::No, and havent been for fuuuucking forever
~ Favorites ~
Fave Food ::Sushi! Or delicious chocolate cake, I dunno, its a bit of a stretch now... XD
Fave Color ::Purple
Fave Song ::Theres no wa I would ever, EVER, be able to choose just one.
Fave Singer ::Natalie Dessay
Fave Band ::Uhm. Secondhand Serenade
Fave Relative ::Rachel <3
Fave High School ::The Governors School for the Arts
Fave High School Band ::The GSA Symphony Orchestra
Fave College School ::GMU, obviously?
Fave College Band ::The GREEN MACHINE!!
Fave Show ::I really cant remember. I dont watch much TV anymore
Fave Clothing Line ::Uh. Wut?
Fave Shoe Brand ::*snorts* Okay.
Fave Website { Besides Myspace } ::Fuck myspace, dear survey. Facebook ftw.
The Past { 2007}
How was '07 ::Oh fuck I thought this was for 2008... okay well LETS PRETEND.
What was the best thing that happened to you in '07 ::Met Ruben <3
What was the best relationship of '07 ::...Ruben, hahaha
Are you still with the person ::Yep
Did you mature alot during '07 ::I would think so.
Do you learn alot ::I learned that the proper way to phrase that is "a lot." Other than that, yep, tons.
Did you getting in any trouble witht the fed's ::No
What did you do ::-
Do you have many regrets during '07 ::Just one, which is really saying something for me, lol
What will you do to change that for '08 ::Oh I dont have to change anthing, the regret was something that happened in the past and will stay firmly in the past
Did you Graudate ::No
Did you go to church ::Yes, but not nearly enough
Did you go to school ::Indeed
Are you glad that '07 is over ::...yes, Im ready to move on with my life.
The Present {2008}
How old will you be this year ::21
How did you spend your new years day ::Slept in a little with Ruben, went to a wonderful resteraunt with his family, saw a bunch of different places and took a thousand pictures, then came home and spent a while in bed... It was absolutely amazing
Was it fun ::Words cant describe.
What are some of your plans for '08 ::Pass ALL my classes, give a fabulous junior recital, spend an amazing summer with my boyfriend... *smiles happily* Its gonna be a good year
Is there someone you plan on being with in '08 ::...Uhm, still the same person
What are your short term goals for '08 ::Pass all my classes, give an amazing recital, have a great summer? hahahaha
What are your long term goals for '08 ::Stay on track for graduation, get much better at Portuguese...
What do you think will change in your life this years ::My wrking of Portuguese? lol. And hopefully my work ethic
What do you want to change about your life in '08 ::I think just my work ethic.
Is there anything u didn't do last year, that you plan on doing this year ::Uhm... Passing everything?
Is there anybody you want to change your relationship with this year ::No, I think everything is as it should be...
Why ::-
Do you wanna start beand new in this year 2008 ::Brand new? No. But I do want to leave the bad in the past, and only bring the good into the new year.
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